Component Accordion description

Component structure:

get_component_with_params('ra-accordion', array(class_name='accordion1', array(slug,slug,...), int active_tab_nr=1, excerpt=false))

Component call - insert in your template next code examples:

  1. <?php get_component_with_params('ra-accordion', array('accord', array('index', 'index-1', 'index-2'), 2, false)); ?>

insert 3 Accordion tabs; class name - 'accord'; with content from pages: index, index-1, index-2; make active second tab; outputs - full pages content; .

  1. <?php get_component_with_params('ra-accordion', array('Myaccordion', array('index', 'index-1'), 1, 400)); ?>

insert 2 Accordion tabs; class name - 'Myaccordion'; with content from pages: index, index-1; make active first tab; outputs - pages excerpts 400 simbols lenght.

  1. <?php get_component_with_params('ra-accordion', array(false, 'index' )); ?>

insert 1 tab with content from page: index; outputs - full page content; with class name - 'accordion1'.

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