Responsive FileManager

This plugin is a great project called Responsive filemanager 9.9.3 integration into GetSimple CMS.
Why another file browser? Because an existing plugins cannot do some jobs who are reasonably necessary and are often made in the development and maintenance of websites. Eg. standard CKEditor FileBrowser can not upload files to the server. His replacement KCFinder sending files, but does not create the file thumbnails.

RFM - can do everything and much more ... Eg .:

  1. It is fully adaptive (full responsive).
  2. Can send files to the server (as well as create their thumbnails). Possible sending a single file or in batch mode. Also possible sending over Java applet without file size limitation (on PC must be installed Java).
  3. Can be integrated into the TinyMCE version 4.x (or older), CKEditor and CLEditor. Or work in stand-alone mode.
  4. It can be opened in 3 different window types - FancyBox (LightBox), IFrame or Pop-up.
  5. Have a free version of the Aviary graphic editor, which allows you to edit images directly on your site. Free version has one limitation it can save images up to 800 x 600 pixels max. Also, it will not work with localhost servers (like XAMPP and MAMP).
  6. The ability to edit a lot of settings, which is located in the file config/config.php

A full description of the plugin and his possibilities can be read on the manufacturer's site.

RFM4GS after activation in GetSimple CMS can also work in stand-alone mode (you can find them on the tab Files):

It may also be called in pop-up FancyBox window, if you click Open Filemanager button:

And, if you prefer, you can perform integration with built-in GS CKEditor. In such cases, CKEditor FileBrowser will be replaced with RFM. RFM integrated into CKEditor can be opened only in pop-up window, similar to FileBrowser. It looks like this:

Integration itself with CKEditor can be perform in Responsive filemanager page on Files tab. In version 2.0 admin/edit.php file modification became unnecessary, because all parameters are transmitted through the global variables $EDOPTIONS and $EDTOOL (thanks to Mr. shawn_a for original solution). Integration with CKEditor performed with a single button "Integrate" touch. After that you can use the RFM from CKEditor window:

You can also set RFM window sizes.

The form has appeared with several new fields:

  1. Set CKEditor toolbar to advanced + Thumb button - if checked CDEditor toolbar set how advanced plus added button Thumb. If unchecked the toolbar will be the same as is set in the file gsconfig.php plus to the toolbar end added button Thumb.
  2. When clicked on Thumbnail open image in PrettyPhoto frame - if checked uploaded Thumbnails link to the full size photo will be opened in PrettyPhoto frame. If unchecked full size photo will be opened instead of the current page.
  3. Loaded Jquery on frontend pages - if checked load Jquery script on on frontend pages (because Jquery is required to work with PrettyPhoto).

Plugin fully supports i18n multilingualism. Settings editing interface is provided with 3 ready to use language files: English, Lithuanian and Russian.

Add a new plug-in version 1.0.1
Changes in this version:

  1. Corrected earlier reported errors.
  2. Installed a new thumbnail image loading function in CKEditor content. It allows to insert thumbnails  of uploaded on server images directly to CKEditor content (thumbnails is stored in the directory thumbs). Thumbnails button appears in CKEditor toolbar Insert area.

The upgrade from version 1.0 Instructions:
Download and unzip the new version. In plugin parameters editing area primarily Deactivate plugin, then Activate it again.

It looks as follows:


Version changed to 2.0

Plugin changes:

  1. admin/edit.php file modification became unnecessary.
  2. Upload_dir parameter from config/config.php sets according to your site's URL automatically. No need manual edit if your site installed not in domain root.
  3. When Thumbnail inserted its generated with link to full size image. And its can be opened with PrettyPhoto script.
  4. Thumb button programme code generates dynamically like CKEditor plugin when button Integrate is clicked.

RFM core changes:

  1. The kernel version has changed to 9.9.6.
  2. Upgrade Aviary Image Editor with new Adobe Creative SDK without size limitation (may not work correctly on localhost servers).
  3. Add files and folders counter on each folder.
  4. Many improvements and security vulnerability fixes.

Upgrade from early versions to version 2.0:

  1. Restore admin/edit.php to its original version.
  2. Download the archive and unzip it to the plugins folder rewriting all existing files.


Version changed to 2.1

Plugin changes:

1. In CKEditor Thumbnail dialog window add 3 new control fields:
       1.1. Thumbnail alignment;
       1.2. Thumbnail target with 4 values: "_blank", "_self", "prettyPhoto", "Fancybox";
       1.3. Thumbnail margins (around the text).
    2. In plugin settings page add 2 new control fields:
       2.1. Load PrettyPhoto JavaScript (control script loading on frontend pages);
       2.2. Load FancyBox JavaScript (control script loading on frontend pages).
    3. Thumbnail image now can be open in four modes: in new tab; in current page; with prettyPtoto script or with Fancybox 2 script.

Upgrade from early versions to version 2.1:

  1. Go to the plugin Settings page and press "Recall" button.
  2. After that press "Integrate" button.


Installation instructions:
Download the archive and unzip it to the plugins folder. Activate the plugin. RFM options and settings page located in the File tab by pressing the Responsive FileManager button.

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