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  • Cleaner Code
  • Browser Cross-Compatibility
  • Mobile Optimization

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  • Smarter Style Sheets
  • Modularization and Portability
  • Faster Development

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  • Only one minimized Style Sheet file
  • Flexibility & Optimum User experience
  • Backwards Compatibility

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Skeleton-FX (Futured eXpandable) designed specifically for professional web designers.

Skeleton-FX - it is not just a simple theme, this PHP-HTML-CSS3 Framework with its own responsive grid system, animated multilevel drop-down menu and other necessary elements for the modern web design.

Using this theme possibilities can be straightforward to create different levels of sites, from simple few pages sites to modern, full-featured portals.

These theme the main feature is that it completely does not use Javascript or jQuery. All elements presented in this site realized by using pure PHP-HTML-CSS capabilities. Therefore, sites realized on the basis of this theme will be lightweight and fast. Because the theme uses only one external source - minimized CSS file (style.css).

Themes expansion options and its appearance can be changed on the settings page. They are built using LESS system. You can at any time simple turn on the required or turn off redundant opportunity. And then generate a new style sheets CSS file (minimized or not). All themes structure elements appearance can be changed using the LESS variables, which are described in the main file (variables.less). All elements LESS files can be also edited on the settings page.

JS & JQuery FREE!

All items and objects that you see on this site are designed using only PHP - HTML - CSS capabilities. Check the page source that you may know the same.

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