Advanced Contact Page

Skeleton-FX supplied with Advanced Contact page that can be turned on (off) from theme administration page. Contacts include e-mail sending form with required fields verification and Captcha protection. Messages can be send in two ways. If in the Contact page field "Meta Description" is entered applicable mail address then the message will be sent to this recipient. Otherwise, will be sent to web site administrator. E-mail form will be displayed in the right panel.

In the left panel provides information, which is entered in the Contact page.

To the Contact page can be connected Google Maps showing your location. Maps can be displayed selectively in three places of the page: on Top, on Bottom or on the Left side panel. Google Maps settings can be entered on the theme administration page.

Google Maps is also pure CSS because use Static maps API. But it looks as dynamic because you can change map Zoom level with 3 buttons (on the top right corner).

Important! Google Static maps API not work without API's key. You need to enter your personal key to the special field located on the theme settings page. There is also a link to Google page where you can get your personal key for free.

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