How to use Skeleton-FX Theme?

Theme can work with the default settings. It will be activated minimized Style-Sheet file that contains only core elements CSS commands.

For theme personalization use specialized settings page from GS administration area (tab Theme -> Configure Theme).

Important! To have access to the theme administration page and for correct functioning of all it's elements you need to install my modified plugin "Theme Settings MOD" (which is already included in the theme installer).

Theme appearance personalization is quite simple and consists of 3 simple steps:

  1. The required Style-Sheet LESS file selection from drop-down list.
  2. Variables values or objects parameters changing in the special LESS editor. Save changes.
  3. New Style-Sheet CSS file re-creating.

To perform change of the theme appearance usually enough to re-specify LESS variables values which are defined in the file variables.less. This file will be opened in the LESS editor by default. Note: Only change variables values not a variable name itself.

So when you've made the change to the variables or if you want to enable (disable) some additional CSS modules you need to recreate Style-Sheet CSS file each time.

Theme settings page also has 3 additional setting blocks:

  1. Site Main settings - in this area you can set the phone number, website slogan, enable search and contact form usage, but also to change the site logo.
  2. Optimization settings - Skeleton-FX has a unique feature that allows to compress the HTML data which sent from the server to the client browser. In this way significantly reduces server traffic and website load time.
  3. Google Maps settings - in this place you can set Google Maps settings that will use the sites contact form.


Version changed to 0.1.1
1. Add Multi-language support. Just install "i18n_base" plugin and create Multi-language pages. For menu items and breadcrumbs outputs, Theme use own internal functions. So "i18n_navigation" plugin install not needed.
    1.1 Theme comes with 3 prepared translation files: English, Russian and Lithuanian.
2. Improved internal Search engine:
    2.1 Improved Search page provided information: On top displayed searched keywords; Removed short-codes and illegal characters; Improved text Excerpt mechanism.
    2.2 To the upper right Search field add submit button for mobile users convenience.
3. In the Theme settings page insert a new management area "Search settings" which has 5 fields:
    2.1 "Always use internal Search function" - if checked will be used Internal Search function, even if on site is installed "i18n_search" plugin.
    2.2 "Search the keywords in the 'Meta' fields" (if checked search try to find also in the "Tags & Keywords" and "Meta Description" fields).
    2.3 "Open the found page in a new tab" (if checked found link will be opened in the new Tab).
    2.4 "Search keywords condition (logical AND)" - if checked search try to find whole row of keywords, if unchecked search try to find each keyword separately.
    2.5 "Search Page excerpt size (in symbols)" - you can change Excerpt value, if empty used default value 200 characters.
4. In the installation archive "plugins" folder was added modified "i18n_lang_menu" plugin which is specially adapted for this theme.
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